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Hand Hygiene

What the world needs now is solidarity. With solidarity we can defeat the virus and build a better world. 

-UN Secretary-General António Guterres

As we contemplated opening classrooms and offices in September 2020 with little short or long-term guidance from Toronto Health or the Ontario Ministry of Education, and believing that student and faculty safety takes priority over all other concerns, we created a set of Covid-19 era policies that minimizes the opportunity for students and teachers to pass the virus between themselves. We are honored to have Dr. Marcin Wasowicz, father of two CaST students, as the Medical Advisor to the Board and staff of CaST School, and it is with his guidance that we framed the policies below.


1. While some classes are offered online only, many offer the option of in-person or online learning. This option allows families to decide for themselves whether or not to send students into the classroom.

​2. The use of facemasks (cloth, surgical or N95) and face shields is required for all in-person classroom meetings for students and teachers. Regular hand-washing and the use of sanitizer will form an additional barrier of preventative measures.

​​3. Visitors to classrooms must also follow these guidelines, with teachers instructed to deny entry to anyone not wearing a facemask.


4. With additional guidance from Toronto Health and/or the Ontario Ministry of Education, we will revisit our protocols monthly in order to maintain protection of our community.


In this way and with these measures, we intend to prevent transmission within and among CaST School community members.

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