Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen

can change the world.

-Malala Yousafzai


Kelvin Sealey CaST Portrait



Head of School


Dr. Sealey has been an independent school educator, adjunct instructor in undergraduate and graduate education programs, and educational consultant for over twenty-seven years. A committed inter-disciplinarian, he earned his Bachelors in Economics from the University of Toronto, and Masters in Comparative and International Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Under the academic banner of Cultural Studies in Education, and reflective of his doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, also from Columbia University, Dr. Sealey’s research and lectures have embraced the sub-fields of Architecture and Education, Entrepreneurship in Education, and Film and Education. While at Columbia University, he was the co-founder of two academic research labs: The Film and Education Research Academy, and the Design Lab for Learning Organizations at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Across his professional career, Dr. Sealey has blended academic practice with entrepreneurial pursuits, leading small technology ventures in wireless gaming and wireless finance in the payment card industry as social ventures. His edited texts Film, Politics and Education (Peter Lang 2008), Restoring Hope (Beacon Press 1997) and A Reader in Social Enterprise (Pearson 2000) remain strong contributors in their respective fields of study.





Vanessa Alsop CaST Portrait



Assistant Head of School - Curriculum & Guidance


Vanessa Alsop has a Masters in Environmental Studies (York University), Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Surrey University, UK) and Bachelor of Science (Joint Hons) (University of London, UK). She began her work in conservation as a forester in Ecuador in 1987, working on the Rio Mazan Project - an Anglo-Ecuadorian project for forests and the people of the Andes. She has subsequently worked in marketing and communications (agency side) and also spent time as a biology teacher teaching in inner city schools in London, UK. In Canada she has worked in marketing (Faculty of Education, York University), provided professional development for teachers on sustainability, has been actively working with ENGOs such as, ACER (on the Board), EcoSource and Earthroots. Vanessa works as a Course Director at both OISE and YorkU Faculty of Education and, in addition, taught science for eight years at Dragon Academy and was the school's Guidance Counsellor for the last two.





Stephanie Bushnik CaST Portrait



Assistant Head of School - Finance, Web Presence, Human Resources


Stephanie Bushnik began her teaching career as a math and science tutor in 2007, while she was completing an Honours B.Sc. in Physics and Biology at the University of Toronto. Here, she became particularly interested in early science education and fostering critical thinking skills in her students. She accepted a classroom teaching position at The Dragon Academy in 2009 and almost ten year later, in 2017, she joined the Dragon's administrative team as Vice Principal. When co-founding CaST School she imagined an institution that would foster, in a new generation of students, the same sense of awe and appreciation for the subjects that made her fall in love with math and science. 

Greg Cheung CaST Portrait


Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science


Greg is an enthusiastic mad scientist, who is thrilled to be teaching at CaST. Greg studied at the University of Toronto with a major in Computer Science and minors in Statistics and Organic Chemistry. After working as a software engineer, he found his passion in teaching when working part-time as a tutor. He enjoys learning about different subjects and how to effectively teach those ideas in the classroom. Greg gets the most fulfillment when students have their "ah hah!" moments about a seemingly complex subject. He pushes his students to strive for excellence in the classroom, and in their personal lives. 

Eduardo Fabbro CaST Portrait


History, English, Latin


Dr. Eduardo Fabbro is a historian, palaeographer, and Latinist. He received his B.A and his B. Ed., as well as a M.A., from the University of Brasilia, in Brazil (where he was born), and his PhD in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto. He specializes in medieval societies and warfare, on which he published broadly in journals and presented in academic conferences. The Middle Ages are also the subject of his first book. Eduardo has been teaching for almost twenty years, and, apart from high school, he has taught at the University of Toronto, McGill, and Waterloo. His teaching is based on a firm belief that humanities matter for the education of future citizens. A long-time retired professional fencer, Eduardo still enjoys the occasional recreational swash-buckling.

Peter Glinos CaST Portrait


Biology & History


Peter Glinos is an OCT-certified biology and history teacher and is very happy to be joining us at CaST. He believes students learn best via hands-on experiential learning in combination with student choice. He has experience coaching students in speech and debate as well as Model UN and is looking forward to continuing these extracurriculars in the coming year. He has a variety of interests and hobbies which include but are not limited to philosophy, botany, theology, Eastern European history, and interviewing various scientists such as Steven Pinker, Rupert Sheldrake, and Merel Kindt. 

Jaclyn Piudik CaST Portrait


English, French, Latin, Writer's Craft


Dr. Jaclyn Piudik is a poet, educator and Francophile. She received her M.A. in Creative Writing and English Literature from the City College of New York, and an M. A. and  doctorate in Medieval Studies from the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto.  Her dissertation investigated questions of hybridity in the Fourteenth-Century Hebrew and Provencal Esther Poems of Israel Caslari. Her special scholarly interests are in language, literature, translation and the written word. The author of two poetry chapbooks, and a forthcoming collection, she has also been published in numerous anthologies and literary journals.   She has edited three collections of poetry for award winning publisher Book Thug, and is the recipient of a New York Times Fellowship for Creative Writing, and the Alice M. Sellers Award from the Academy of American Poets.  A native New Yorker, she has a background as an herbalist and photographer, and is deeply sympathetic to the plight of felines everywhere.

Rachel Presutto CaST Portrait




Rachel is an educator who strives to find and bring out the best in each of her students. She completed her bachelor’s degree at University of Toronto in mathematics, psychology, and art history, then went on to complete a Master of Arts in child study and education at OISE. Her interest in education came from a summer job at the University of Toronto's Engineering Outreach Office, which gave her a variety of tools and strategies for hands on, meaningful learning that she has since incorporated into her classrooms. Rachel is also the co-founder of Pinecone Project, which aims to provide experiences that build skills, form communities, and demonstrate that the tools for success can be found within each of us. In her spare time, Rachel tries to get outside and near lakes as much as possible, though she also enjoys cooking, balcony gardening, and Muay Thai.






Julia Redding CaST Portrait


Visual Arts


Julia Redding is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and administrator who completed her BFA at OCADU in Drawing and Painting. During her studies she spent time on exchange in Florence, Italy, where she expanded her research in art history and developed a thesis project exploring projections, sculpture, and video. After graduating, Julia developed strong connections to the Toronto arts community and worked with a number of artist-run centres as an administrator and volunteer. In 2016, she joined the Roundtable Residency as a board member and facilitator. While at Roundtable, Julia was introduced to the Dragon Academy, where she discovered her passion for education. In 2018, she returned to Florence to coordinate a study abroad program for international students, where her fondness for experiential learning and international education blossomed. In addition to teaching, Julia runs a small studio and project space centred on giving support to emerging artists and curators. In the future, she looks forward to expanding her knowledge of experiential and place-based learning, in the hopes of developing a unique study abroad program for students.



Computer Science, Mathematics


David began teaching as a tutor when he was a high school student himself, before attending the University of Waterloo where he earned a B.Sc. in Computational Physics. In addition to being a teacher, he is the founder of Braincubator, a technical education company intent on making problem solving using technology accessible. David spends his summers working as an instructor as a part of the University of Toronto’s DaVinci Engineering Enrichment Program. During the rare moments when he isn’t working, he typically finds himself cooking, wood working, or reading.