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Student Information

To register, please take the time to complete the online registration package.

It takes an average of 25 minutes to complete the registration process.

You will be required to download and sign several documents. If you are unable to provide digital signatures, this process will require the use of a printer and scanner/camera.

Please export image files to PDF before uploading.


Note: You will be required to upload the applicant's

up-to-date immunization record in Step 3. 

Please download and complete the OSR (Ontario Student Record) Request Form below, which will allow CaST to obtain the applicant's OSR from their former school. 

This form may open in a new browser tab. Please do not attempt to complete the form in your browser (your changes will not be saved).

Instead, please follow these steps:

i) download the file after it opens in a new tab (the download button is typically a downward-facing arrow in the top right area of your screen), 

ii) locate the form in your downloads folder, and

iii) open it using a PDF reader, such as Preview or Adobe Acrobat. 

Please upload your signed OSR Request Form here:

Upload File
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