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Students and Teachers in Toronto Private Schools

Written by Kelvin Sealey, Ed.D

One of the most important relationships formed within small private schools in Toronto is that between the student and their teacher. While socialization between and among students is clearly an important component of school culture and family experience, the connection between students and each of their teachers is the critical element that distinguishes small school teaching from that within large schools. Small schools prosper by their ability to identify the individual learning circumstance faced by each student and negotiating it in a way that helps children manifest their best academic selves.

CaST School excels at identifying the learning protocols of each of its students. Collectively, that means that teachers at each grade level, and every subject, study the learning plans which families bring to CaST upon enrollment, or help to create one once enrollment takes place. Like most small private schools in Toronto, we are adept at the type of one-to-one education that has been shown to strengthen student’s character, buoy their self-confidence, and accentuate feelings of success and importance as they come of age.

With experienced teachers, this process happens naturally. All CaST teachers, many of whom possess Masters and Doctorates in their field, are supervised by an administrative team that itself has a collective 70+ years of teaching experience across K12 through post-graduate institutions. This experience translates into boutique teaching and learning in the best sense: CaST teachers come to know their students well, and adjust their Ministry of Education curriculum units to meet each student where they academically reside, all within the Ministry’s Growing Success framework.

Grade 12 graduation from CaST School is an event whereby teachers and students reflect upon the years they’ve spent teaching and learning together before enrolling in strong, competitive university programs across Canada and beyond. Strong bonds between teacher and student are the key to reaching this stage in the evolution of a young person, one in which CaST School is proud to play its part.

We invite you to peek into the classes and relationships that form CaST by registering for one of our Open House events, booking a tour, or speaking to one of our senior administrators about the benefits of becoming a member of the CaST School community.


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